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Professional medical care outside a medical institution

MED4U is a company of specialized medical services providing necessary medical assistance
    • at the patient's place of residence
    • for a patient transportation
    • at public events

It is now possible also to receive professional medical care at your place of residence. MED4U will provide qualitative medical care and rehabilitation without visiting a medical institution, without waiting for any appointments, without any additional appointments and stress. A physician's assistant or a physician-specialist will perform the necessary examinations, analyzes, ECG, medical manipulations at the patient's place of residence, and will develop a treatment plan. In cases when examinations or manipulations are not possible to do at home, we offer transportation of the patient to the appropriate medical institution.

If it is necessary to transfer a patient to a hospital from the place of an accident in another country or to assist in the transfer, the MED4U team will provide the necessary transport and qualified accompanying staff. This may include transporting a patient to some procedures, cross-border transportation of patients, as well as accompanying medical staff to assist patients during the journey. Regardless of the specifics of the event, we will find the best solution for the patient in each situation.

Emergency medical care at public events is another MED4U specialized service. These are both outdoor and indoor active recreation event and sports competitions and trainings. During the event, we will provide certified medical staff and the necessary medical equipment in accordance with the specifics of each event.




During the home visit, the doctor will:
• assess the client's health condition
• perform the necessary manipulations, e.g. injections, IV system, ECG, Holter and pressure monitoring
• provide wound care
• provide collection and delivery of analyzes to the laboratory
• provide rehabilitation and physiotherapy services
• provide referring letters required for examinations
• prescribe medicines (e-prescription)
• provide guidance on the further process of treatment
• et al.

MED4U team consists of professional specialists who will provide the necessary services at the patient's place of residence.


We provide a convenient, safe and qualitative patient transportation service using specialized medical transport.

MED4U qualified medical staff will provide the necessary support when transferring patients:

• from the place of residence to / from the hospital
• to / from procedures or consultations with a doctor
• after an injury to a medical institution
• cross-border patient transportation
We also provide transportation services for patients with movement disorders and bedridden patients.




Emergency medical care for outdoor and indoor events.

We will provide qualified medical staff and appropriate medical equipment in sport events, trainings, competitions, outdoor and outdoor active recreational activities.

According to the specifics of the event, we will provide a specialized emergency medical vehicle during the event.



MED4U branches:

  • Kalnciema street 27, Riga

  • Dambja street 5, Riga

  • Parka street 14, Limbazi

+371 28010404 


Palliative care: 28017600,

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